When I write, it generally ends up in the following camps:

  • tasks
  • notes
  • ideas
  • memories
  • pictures

Each of these are potentially very different things. However, it’s safe to expect them to fall into these ballparks:

  • Tasks - a to-do of sorts, something that needs to be done
  • Notes - a reference or how-to for my later self
  • Ideas - something I may want to write about or something I may want to do
  • Memories - milestones in my life and of the people/landscape around me
  • Pictures - day-to-day photos, could be associated with any of the above

The end-game for these things, generally speaking, are:

  • Tasks - OmniFocus
  • Notes - 1Writer (plain text notes stored in Dropbox)
  • Ideas - 1Writer …
  • Memories - Day One
  • Pictures - Photos

Here is where things get a bit messy. All pictures taken end up in Photos as they’re all stored to the Camera Roll. However, some photos are for a task, some are pieces of reference information, some are sparks of an idea, and some are milestones.

How do the streams cross?

Within 1Writer, I recently learned, you can import photos and then reference them in the text bundle format (markdown reference to images).

Day One can reliably import photos and you can write about them in the journal entry.

I’ve been using this system (with the exception of text bundle) for quite a few years and am pretty happy with it. The one thing I’d like to do is be able to insert photos into my notes/ideas, e.g. Bear… but without the overhead of Bear. Bear feels a bit too pretty and it doesn’t have some of the customizations I look for.