Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Jet Black)

The best iPhone. Period. Fantastic display, all-day battery, and an outstanding camera.

Apple Watch Series 0 (Stainless Steel, 42mm, Black Sport Band)

I’ve yet to upgrade to Series 1 or 2… The Series 0 is serving my needs OK for now. If I can find a deal on a Series 2, I’ll upgrade. If not, I’ll wait until Series 3.

Canon 80D with 50mm ƒ/1.4 prime lens

The iPhone 7 Plus has a great camera… but it’s no DSLR. When I’m after the best shot, I bring this setup. I really would like to get a 24-70 lens, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on that.

Apps and Services


My own personal “Netflix” if you will. I provide the content and Plex provides an easy way to watch/stream from anywhere I am.

Square Cash

Splitting a check? Need to be reimbursed? Easy with Square Cash. Link up your debit card and have the funds within 24 hours.


No explanation necessary.


I listen to podcasts. I listen to a lot of podcasts. Overcast helps with an easy to use interface and two killer features: Smart Speed and Voice Boost. I’ve tried to turn off both features and it’s a wildly different listening experience.


Check in where I go. Jot down notes of what I find interesting. Share with the community. One of the best communities on any service.


This is where all of my tasks go. Tasks are organized by project and context, so wherever I am I can get a quick look at what is asked of me.


This is where all of my notes go. Gift ideas, miscellaneous information about a desk I’m researching, directions on how to cook something… all here.

Photos and Google Photos

I use them both, for different reasons. Photos as it’s built-in. Google Photos for the quick searching and server based machine learning.