Hardware Products

iPhone 7 Plus

This is the best camera I’ve ever been able to put in my pocket. Depending on the situation, it takes better pictures than my Canon 80D — namely in low/poor light with autofocus and no flash.


Apple has been known for a slogan of it just works. Since the iPhone, these headphones are the next thing in that line of thinking. Apple got the small details right with this and I couldn’t be happier to have them.

Leatherman Wave

This is on my belt every single day at work. I use it every day and can’t imagine my day without it. One of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received.


When I’m not at home and I want to watch live TV, this is my go-to solution.

Software Products


The best solution to watching your own content. Point the software at your library and let it do its thing. Plex is the best in the Media Library class of software. My lifetime membership was a great investment.


If I’m with someone or doing something where I need to take notes, I’m in Drafts – no question.

Have an idea about something? It starts here in text.

Journaling? Starts here.

Basically anything that starts with text starts here. Great app.


I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts this year… this is my tool of choice. I’ve saved 189 hours thanks to Smart Speed at the time of this writing.


Some great movement here since it was originally announced. I can now search my photos for stuff inside the picture. Also, swiping up on the picture will show me details about the shot, pretty handy.

Google Photos

I finally start using this and it’s very impressive. The Assistant feature has made a few compelling pictures/videos. It’s nice just having an extra backup of my images, even if they aren’t original size. Google Photos is my Hail Mary backup.