I’ve been trying to figure out a way to filter tasks in Todoist that are relevant to me at work, while I’m at work. I previously did this in OmniFocus using a Perspective, which I never fully understood.

Since moving to Todoist, there is a different mindset here. Instead of OmniFocus’ Perspectives, I use Filters in Todoist. Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned.

Let’s say we want to filter tasks that have the labels (also known as contexts) @work, @onsite, @XYZclient, and either overdue or due, how do we do that?

(@work & @onsite & @XYZclient) & (overdue due)

This tells Todoist I want to see tasks that have ALL of the first set and EITHER of the second set.

& == AND

== OR

This lead me to wonder what about a filter that includes specific things but not other things. I found some documentation, but couldn’t make the connection. I sent a tweet to Todoist and received this in response:

So here’s a scenario, let’s say you want to filter tasks down to everything but Personal projects?


This tells Todoist I want to see tasks that are NOT in the “Personal” project or within any of the sub-projects.

! == NOT

Prefixing a project with ## will include all sub-projects

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a perfect service. There are numerous little idiosyncrasies (most of which are thanks to this being a web service first instead of native app first) that bug the crap out of me. This filtering setup, so far, is not one of them.