As a sort of remembrance for myself, I’m cataloguing what I have in my EDC (Every Day Carry). These are the items I don’t leave the house without. If it’s in my EDC, it’s been “battle tested” and I find it to be useful enough to warrant a spot in my EDC.

Here’s the list of things, I’ll go into each one in depth after:

  • keys
  • phone
  • wallet
  • headphones


Thankfully, I don’t have many keys nowadays. House, mailbox, work, and car. All of these items are on a single key ring and I don’t think about it too much.


iPhone XS. For funsies, here’s my home screen as it’s setup today:

### Wallet Over the last 5 years, since I backed their initial [Kickstarter campaign](, I've been using a Zenlet wallet. There are some pretty great features of this wallet: - always the same size - slim profile - easy access to all cards - aesthetically pleasing The wallet can hold up to 6 cards (with or without embossing). When you have 2+ cards in the wallet, when you open it up the cards will automatically fan out giving you easy access to each card. ### Headphones AirPods. I believe that this is the best product that Apple has shipped since iPhone. I don't say this lightly, but they're as close to "magic" as wireless headphones have ever been. - no wires between the left/right _pods_ - case that doubles as a charger - 90 minute talk time on each _pod_ - can use each _pod_ independently, or together in stereo ## Honorable Mentions There are a few things that I carry when going to work or to places for a long (3+ hours), that aren't in my "personal" EDC if you will: - knife - tablet - books/magazines - games ### knife Text ### tablet Text ### books/magazines Text ### games Text