I may be the weird one in the room, but I track my time.

My time tracking is not exact to the minute, but I do my best. I started some more projects day-to-day and wanted to make sure that I’m tracking the projects across my systems with consistent names so all the time goes in the appropriate bucket as I get an email report with my time entries. I don’t want to have numerous different time entries for the same project, e.g. “Project: network cabinet” is not the same as “Project: setup network cabinet” which is not the same as “Project: network cabinet setup”.

I have:

  • project tasks in OmniFocus
  • project reference material in DEVONthink
  • project time in Toggl (using Timery as an interface)

I create new projects in OmniFocus and DEVONthink with the same name.

Today, I had the revelation when I start a timer… if I select “Projects:” to:

  • get OmniFocus projects
  • get name of Project
  • set text to “Projects: "
  • start timer with description as above text

OmniFocus Projects Toggl

This ensures that I’m always using the same name in Toggl as I am in OmniFocus as the project name is pulled from OmniFocus.