One of my favorite Shortcuts recently comes in handy when listening to a podcast and something catches my interest to note something for my future self or for follow-up:

This Shortcut will:

  • get the date/time
  • ask what sparked the bookmark, this is so I can remind myself later why I bookmarked this time stamp in the episode
  • get the time stamped URL from @OvercastFM
  • create text file in Dropbox

I use this Shortcut while driving at least once per day, normally multiple times (that’s why I have the time stamped in the output file name).

The Shortcut is invoked normally by one of two methods:

  • while driving - start voice mode on steering wheel which invokes Siri, then I say “Overcast Bookmark”
  • saying “Hey Siri Overcast Bookmark” into my AirPods while I’m listening to an episode in Overcast

This is one of those Shortcuts that is short and purpose built, my kinda jam.