David Sparks, better known on the Internet as MacSparky, on reviewing his Hyper-Scheduling for the week:

Regardless, I take a screenshot of my weekly calendar on Sunday night, and I always go back to look the following weekend to see how the week went down compared to my plans. Sometimes I learn a thing or two comparing reality to the theoretical.

I do something similar to this. On Sunday, I run a Shortcut I assembled called “schedule block hours” which puts in blocks on my calendar for things like preparing for the day, work, drive times, etc..

For me, blocks are preferred compared to repeated events for one thing: moving blocks doesn’t require additional confirmations of repeating events (“do you want to move this event or all events”). That confirmation always stops me in my tracks and makes me think about what’s going on. Instead, with blocks, I can move the item and be done.

source: Hyper-Scheduling Technology