iPadOS vs. macOS as a daily driver

Over the years, I’ve used both operating systems (macOS and iPadOS) regularly. I’ve gone through stints that macOS was my daily “computer” (what’s a computer) and I’m currently using an iPad Pro (12.9”, model year 2018) as my daily computer (how to use a computer). Not if, but when Apple releases their Apple Silicon based Mac laptops, I’m going to take a hard look at them and depending on the features, jump on one. Otherwise, I’ll likely pickup a refurb 13” MBP.

Why switch from iPadOS fro macOS?

There are multiple apps that I use on iPadOS that just weren’t designed to be used there as their main place of use, things like:

  • DEVONthink
  • OmniFocus

They have apps, but the apps are relatively hamstrung relative to their macOS counterparts.

Heck, even simple things like FTP transfers are more difficult on iPadOS than they are on macOS.

What to do with iPadOS?

I don’t foresee myself leaving iPadOS, quite the opposite. iPadOS still has a lot of use for me day-to-day, it’ll even likely be where I go to do many tasks, like:

  • draw/template ideas in GoodNotes
  • Shortcuts, thanks to a larger display
  • watching TV shows and movies
  • reading in split screen
  • “mobile” computer for short/small tasks (take it with me on trips where I don’t need macOS)

The one big benefit of having iPad in a mode designed to accomplish the above tasks is that I’ll no longer need a keyboard with it 100%. Currently, I use my iPad Pro in the Brydge Pro keyboard, 100% of the time. It’s essentially a laptop running iPadOS. While I don’t mind this the vast majority of the time… it’s a pain to remove the iPad from the rubber hinges when I want to use iPad as, well, an iPad. Sure, I could get Apple’s Magic Keyboard, but it doesn’t support the angles the Brydge Pro does and something that I actually do find useful is keeping the Brydge Pro keyboard attached, but backwards… this way I can set iPad Pro with the keyboard flat on a table to draw/write in GoodNotes or similar.

A Place For Both

If you were to ask Apple, I’m sure they’d say to use both as there is a place for each in a computer user’s life (The Underdogs). The Underdogs is precisely where I’ll be once I bring back macOS into my life.